2000 - 2002 Restoration

Below is a picture of the car parked in the garage before I started work!

In December 2000 the Mustang was parked up in the garage, rusty spots were noticable on the body work, the engine looked a little sorry for itself and the large oil patch on the floor was evident of the engines oils leaks.  The decision was made to do a little "work" to the car and this soon became a complete tear-down and rebuild.  The following pages are a photo-diary" of the work I do to the car as the weeks/months go on until I finally finish the car!

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Thanks have to go to the following people for help during this work:

Evan Bailey, Mark Jenkins, Theresa Booth, Aprill Harper and Jon Keighley

and many members of the Mustang Owners Club of GB who have helped with many suggestions / tips etc.

Thanks also go to the following suppliers for their good work:

Gary at A.R.P, Kempston Radiators, Dave and Tina of Quality Mustang Parts, Sahibs Auto Electrics and the many sellers on ebay that I've had dealings with.