History of PWP120E (7T02C263177)

I purchased this car in March 2000 from The American Car Centre in Wetherby Yorkshire.

They were selling the car on behalf of Mr Timothy Walter Hines, who imported the car via the same company into the UK in May 1991 from Mr Jeremiah J. Kellar Jnr of Virginia USA. At this time the car was actually silver and Mr Hines researched the original colour, had it re-sprayed in the correct colour and stripped down and restored the car piece by piece. Click here to see pictures that he sent me of this work.

Currently unsure of what lies in the middle.....

The car started life at Logon Ford Co., 6800 Commerce St, Springfield, VA 22150. As shown by the Ford Database report I purchased from Marti Auto Works, click on the image below to view the report: